Turn Your Trash Into Energy/All-Star Stats

Have you ever wondered what happens to your trash after the truck hauls it away from your curb? Well we’re going to show you how your dirty smelly garbage can turn into powerful electricity brought right back to your home!​

We visit legendary Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox, where we meet mathematicians who have earned real World Series rings for their massive number crunching skills.

Setting Sail With Science/Weighing The Weather

We hop aboard a Carnival cruise ship to see how science and math are vital in helping captain and crew run a tight ship for all onboard.

Stormy skies ahead, as we head into a real tv studio to see how meteorologists spend hours crunching numbers before stepping in front of the camera.

Defending With Science/Surfing For Science

Did you know there are many aspects of the Army and Navy that use science, math, and engineering to develop new technologies? We explore some really fun careers with the military that don’t involve firing guns and missiles.​

See what it’s like to have a college class in the ocean. Meet the ocean engineering professor who asks students to collect data on hydrodynamic drag while surfing for science.